Temples Around

King Ramabhoja established four Shakti temples and four Subramanya temples in the four corners of Sivalli. The Shakti temples are at Puttur, Kannarpadi, Bailur and Kadiyali. The Subramanya temples are at Tangodu, Mangodu, Aritodu and Muchilkodu. There is a Durga shrine on a hillock some 5 km from Udupi. Indra’s consort Shashidevi is believed to have performed penance here. Bhaajaga Kshetra: This is the birthplace of Sri Madhwacharya, situated 12 km from Udupi. Sri Madhwa is also considered a reincarnation of Hanuman. There are also shrines for Bheema, Pancha Pandavas and Vayu.