Legend Of Mahaganapati Temple

Tripurasur was a the son of Sage Gritsamad. One day the sage sneezed and from this was created a young boy who the Sage brought up as his own son. The sage taught the boy the Ganana Twam, Ganesh Mantra. Equipped with this mantra the boy meditated intensely on Lord Ganesh who ultimately blessed him. He was given three pura-s of gold silver and iron. Since he was the owner of these three pura-s he was given the name Tripur.  

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Temple And Deity

Shiva is believed to have worshipped Ganesha before fighting the demon Tripurasura here. The temple was built by Shiva where he worshipped Ganesha, and the town he set up was called Manipur which is now known as Ranjangaon. 

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Ashtavinayak Bhimashankar Tour From Pune

Temple Tour Ashtavinayak Bhimashankar covers the all eight Ganrsha temple with Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga one of the abode of Lord Shiva located at close proximity to Pune . With one more day extension Pilgrims coming from South India can also visit Shirdi Saibaba one of the most visited temples from across the globe in recent times.

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Other Temples

Ballaleshwar Pali

Ganesha is believed to have saved this boy-devotee, Ballala, who was beaten by local villagers and his father for his single-minded devotion to him.

Chintamani Theur

Ganesha is believed to have got back the precious Chintamani Jewel from the greedy Guna for sage Kapila at this spot.

Girijatmaj Lenyadri

It is believed that Parvati (Lord Shiva’s wife) performed penance to beget Ganesha at this point. This temple stands amidst a cave complex of 18 caves of Buddhist origin.

Mahaganpati Ranjangaon

Shiva is believed to have worshipped Ganesha before fighting the demon Tripurasura here.

Moreshwar Temple

The temple is covered from all sides by four Minarets and gives feeling of a mosque if seen from a distance. This was done to prevent attacks on the temple during Mughal periods

Siddhivinayak Siddhtek

God Vishnu is supposed to have vanquished the asuras Madhu and Kaitabh after propitiating Ganesha here. This is the only idol of the eight Ashtavinayakas with the trunk

Varad Vinayak Mahad

Ganesha is said to reside here in the form of varada Vinayaka, the giver of bounty and success. This is the only temple where devotees are allowed to personally pay their homage

Vighneshwar Ozhar

The demon Vighnasur, after being defeated by Lord Ganesha pleaded to show Mercy. Ganesha granted his plea,