Festivals Celebrated

In the month of Bhadrapad Shuddh[ the waxing period] from Pratipada to Saptami [from the first to the sixth] and in the month of Magh Shuddh till the ashtami [eighth day] there are major celebrations in the temple.This festival is called the Dwaryatra .

On giving, appropriate donations Abhishek, Ekadashi, Sahastravartana, etc. are done by Poojari. Prasad and Angara (wholy ashes) are sent by post.


Morya Gosavi of Chinchwad performed penances in the forest of Theur. As a result Shree Ganesh emerged in the guise of two Tigers.


Shri Chintamani is a family of God of Shreemant Madhavrao Peshwa. His palace was near the temple and now it is converted into garden. Madhavrao Peshwe had stayed in this palace in his last sickness. He renovated the temple and performed various religious programmes in the temple. By chanting Gajanan, Gajanan he bestowed his life on the foot of the Chintamani. Ramabai, wife of Madhavrao Peshwe became Sati (she burnt herself with the corpse of her husband). On that place, that is, on the bank of Mula-Mutha river Sati's Vrindavan is built. That day was 18-11-1772, Kartik Vadya Ashtami. On this day Rama-Madhav death anniversary is celebrated every year.