Puja Schedule

The Panchamrit puja is conducted in the morning.

The Bhadrapad and Magh Chaturthis are times when big celebrations are held in the temple. In the month of Magh an Akhand Harinaam Saptah is also held.

On Ganesh Jayanti, Kirtan and other cultural programmes are held. Bullock cart racing is also organized on this occasion.

Though the caves on Lenyadri are under control of Archeological Dept. of India, adminstration of Ganesh temple is looked after by Temple Trust.

Temple trust has built Yatri-Niwas for lodging purpose of devotees. At a time arrangement of 300 devotees can be done. Rs.200 are charged for a room having capacity of 10 people. Beddings are provided by trust. A very good lunch arrangements is available at Hotel Girija.

There is a small garden, namely Sunder Udyan near Bhakta-Niwas.

Lenyadri is name of Temple Trust and it comes in Golegaon. Main crops of this area are Grapes, Tomato, Cacumber and Sugarcane. A very good season for going to Lenyadri is from Diwali to May.

Since there are nearly 17 to 18 Buddhist caves on Lenyadri, it is called as Lenyadri. To the west there is a beautiful Stupa which is called as Bhima's Gada (mace). Sound echo's over here. One the top of mountain there is a Shiva's temple.

Fort Shivneri, where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born is at a distance of 5-6 kms from Lenyadri.

Virtuous deeds like Abhishek, Pooja, Sahastravartan etc. are done by temple trust on behalf of devotees.

Since the temple is under control of Archeological Dept. of India, there is no electricity in the temple. Temple is so constructed to have a sun light on idol from sunrise to sunset.

Since the Ganesh idol is attached to the wall one can not circumnavigate Girijatmaj.

Lenyadri is silent and lonely place. Silence loving people can come here and meditate and have Girijatmaj's blessings.