Legend of Varad Vinayak Temple

Rukmangada was the son of King Bheema of Kaudinya. One day Rukmangada went into the forest on a hunt. There he met Mukundaa, whose husband was the Sage Vachaknavi. Mukundaa felt attracted to the young Rukmanganda and expressed her desire for him. Rukmangada was shocked and turned down her proposal. Mukundaa cursed him that he would lose his beauty and turn into a leper.

Rukmangada's body changed instantly.

The dejected Rukmangada worshipped Chintamani Vinayak who blessed him and freed him from the curse. In the mean time Indra came to know of Mukundaa's desire and disguised as Rukmangada ful-filled her desire. Mukundaa gave birth to a son who was called Gritsamav. He grew to be a great scholar. One day he participated in a major debate where great sages like Vasistha, Atri and Vishwasmitra were invited. Atri said that he could not debate with Gritsamav as he was not a true Brahmin. Gritsamav unaware of the flaw in his birth was shocked. He came back to his mother and demanded the truth. On knowing the truth he was stunned and cursed her that she would turn into a thorny Ber tree, and though this tree would bear delicious fruit its thorns will keep people away. Mukundaa in turn said that since he was so harsh in judging her, he would in his life bear the pain of being a parent of a heartless and cruel child.

Gritsamav moved into the Pushpak forest and started a severe penance. Ganesh heard his prayers and asked him what he wished. Gritsamav asked to be recognized as a Brahmin and he then asked Ganesh to reside in the Puspak forest. Ganesh granted him the two wishes. Gritsamav called Ganesh Varad Vinayak, the one who fulfills all wishes and consecrated him in a temple This temple is now believed to be the temple at Mahad. Gritsamav is known as the creator of the Ganana Twam mantra.